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2017 New for Low-voltage Distribution Side Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

SIWOM1L series ELCB Product General SIWOM1 L moulded case circuit-breakers with residual current protection (hereinafter referred to as circuit-breakers) use thermomagnetic tripper and they are developed and manufactured by the Company with the latest circuit-breaker technology. The...

Product Details


Product General

SIWOM1 L moulded case circuit-breakers with residual current protection (hereinafter referred to as circuit-breakers) use thermomagnetic tripper and they are developed and manufactured by the Company with the latest circuit-breaker technology. The circuit-breakers are featured by good-looking appearance, compact structure, long service Iife, low rated power consumption, stable performance, easy installation and superior performance, and they provide users with safe and reliable Protection. The circuit breaks has disconnecting function

Indication of 0 and OFF positions is provided, and when the contact is open, the handle points at 0 and OFF positions; The  position of rotary handle or operating mechanism is consistent with the noumenon , which does not affect reliability of the circuit-breakers

Reverse incoming line is not allowed for the circuit-breakers, and only Pole 1, 3 and 5 are allowed to connect with the power supply line and Pole 2, 4 and 6 with the load line

The circuit-breakers may be installed vertically (i.e., vertical installation) or horizontally (i.e., horizontal installation).

Current limiting capability is provided; the whole series are designed to have a current limiting acting mechanism that extinguishes the electric arc before the expected short-circuit current reaches its peak to suppress the impact of short-circuit current on the circuit. The actual and expected breaking short-circuit current peaks of current limiting acting mechanism are shown in the figure

Operating environment

The ambient air temperature should be not higher than +40℃ and the average temperature within 24 hours should be not higher than +35℃

The lower limit of ambient air temperature is -5℃. If the ambient air temperature is higher than +40℃ but less than +60℃ , the rated current value may be lowered according to the temperature derating factor table,

Able to withstand the impact of damp air;

Able to withstand the impact of salt mist and oil mist;

In medium without explosion hazard where there is no enough gas that can corrode metal and damage the insulation and conductive dust;

In the places without exposure to rain and snow;

The altitude of the installation site should be not more than 2,000m,

Maximum angle of inclination is 22.5;

Working environment: The pollution degree is Level 3,

Installation class: Ill

Main features of SIWOM1L circuit-breakers

1、 SIWOM1L moulded case circuit-breakers with residual current protection (hereinafter referred to as leakage circuit-breakers) provide ground fault protection. The power supply sampling for leakage protection module of conventional residual current protective circuit-breakers is two-phase and those for this series of leakage circuit-breakers is three-phase.

In case of loss of any phase, the leakage protection module of circuit-breakers still works normally,

2、Adjustable at the site: The rated residual action current lrn and residual current action time (non-delay and delay) is adjustable according to the actual situation at the site;

3、Low-voltage protection: When the phase voltage is reduced to 50V, the leakage protection module still works normally;

4、Leakage alarm output function: When the residual current of a device or line reaches or exceeds the set point, the circuit-breakers with leakage alarm unit module outputs a passive contact signal to drive the corresponding alarm device,

5、Interchangeability: The outline dimensions and installation dimensions are the same as SIWOM1 circuit-breakers with the same specifications (SIWOM1L-630 is the same as SIWOM 1-800), and the installation has good interchangeability


Scope of application of SIWOM1L circuit-breakers

SIWOM1L leakage circuit-breakers with the rated insulation voltage of 800V are applicable to infrequent operation and infrequent motor startup in the circuits with AC frequency of 50/60Hz, rated operational voltage of 400V and rated current of up to 630A. The circuit-breakers provide overload, short circuit and under voltage protection to protect the circuit and power equipment from damage. Meanwhile, it can provide indirect contact protection for human body and provide protection for fire danger caused by the long-standing ground fault that cannot be detected by overcurrent protection. In case of failure of other protective devices, the SIWOM1L leakage circuit-breakers with the rated residual action current of 30mA can provide directly additional protection,

Leakage circuit-breakers are divided into M (Moderate breaking type) and H (High breaking type, no H type for four-pole) by the rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capability,

The circuit-breaker is featured by small volume, strong breaking capability, short flashover,anti-vibration. etc

Model description


1 、 Frame size rated current


2、The rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity level is divided into: M (Mode rate breaking type), H (High breaking type)

3、Operation mode: Direct operation with handle (not marked); Electric operation (marked with P); Rotatory handle (marked with Z)

4、Number of poles: 3, 4

5、Tripper mode type and accessory code are shown in the following table

6、N pole type: The type of neutral pole (N) of four-pole product is divided into four kinds

Type A: N pole is not equipped with overcurrent tripper, and N pole is always connected and shouId not switch on or off together with other three poles;

Type B: N pole is not equipped with overcurrent tripper, and N pole should switch on or off together with other three poles (N pole should first switch on and then switch off)

7、Residual current tripper type is divided into Type V and Type U, which should be marked when ordering goods.

8、Leakage alarm unit module is divided into I (Mode I) alarm with tripping and II(Mode II) alarm without tripping


Quick Model Selection Table of SIWOM1L circuit-breaker


Tripper mode and internal accessory code of SIWOM1L circuit-breakers



1、200: Refer to circuit-breakers with electromagnetic tripper only; 300: Refer to circuit-breakers with thermal - electromagnetic tripper;

2、For SIWOM1L-400, and 630, a pair of auxiliary contacts are provided for 228, 328, 248 and 348 (namely, one normally open and one normally closed) and three pairs of auxiliary contacts for 268 and 368 (namely, three normally open and three normally closed);

3、For SIWOM1L-100 and 225, two pairs of auxiliary contacts (namely, two normally open and two normally closed) may be provided for 220, 320, 240 and 340, which must be marked when ordering goods;

4、If SIWOM1L circuit-breakers are provided with leakage alarm unit module, only accessories withp specifications are provided,

Leakage alarm unit module has two modes as follows, which should be marked by the user based on needs when ordering goods

Mode I: When leakage occurs, the leakage alarm module signals, meanwhile the circuit-breaker trips;

Mode II: When leakage occurs, the leakage alarm module signals, but the circuit-breaker does not Trip,which is to meet the needs for special occasions. When the user uses the protective device with this function,care should be taken

Main technical perormance index of SIWOM1L circuit-breakers



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