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Areas of application
Mar 16, 2017

Series intelligent power instrument used for electric parameters measurement, monitoring and analysis of power quality, electrical equipment control solutions.

Main application fields are:

Energy management systems

Substation automation system

Distribution automation system

Power monitoring system in hospital

Factory automation systems

Intelligent building

Intelligent power strips and switch cabinet

Product features

Integrate a variety of functions

Intelligent power instrument with powerful data acquisition and processing features:

Electricity measurement--dozens of kinds of power parameters: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, power ... ...

Energy statistics--today four quadrant active energy, reactive energy, double rate statistics, energy pulse output

Power quality analysis--as high as 31/K/telephone harmonic waveform analysis, waveform coefficient coefficient coefficient analysis, three-phase unbalance factor analysis

Load monitoring-Active/reactive/apparent demand statistics, line power voltage/current/maximum value and minimum value for statistics, all statistical data with time scale

Alarm-flexible and powerful set of limit setting system can be started simultaneously to multiple analog channel values channel and logical values.

Rich – up to 11 I/O configuration switch input, 5 relay outputs.