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Common type motor protector
Mar 16, 2017

1, thermal relay: General small capacity motor, good working conditions, there is no bad condition of frequent start, due to poor accuracy, reliability not guaranteed, are not recommended.

2, electronic type: detection for three-phase current, setting current value using potentiometer knob or pull code switches, circuit-simulation is generally used, period of time determined by inverse time or performance. Protection features include overload, lack of, stops up transfers the failures, such as protection, failure mode with led display, electricity run NIXIE tube display.

3, intelligent: detection for three-phase current value, protector using single-chip, synthesis of intelligent motor protection, protection, measurement, newsletters, display as a whole. Whole set current used digital set, through operation Panel button to operation, user can according to himself actual using requirements and protection situation in site itself on various parameter amendment set, used digital tube as displayed window, or used big screen LCD displayed, can support variety communications agreement, as ModBUS, and ProfiBUS,, price relative high some, for more important occasions, now high pressure motor protection are used intelligent type.

4, heat protection type: embedded in the motor thermal element, according to the temperature of the motor protection, protection effect is good, but the capacity is large, need to use with the current monitoring to avoid motor locked rotor temperature rise sharply due to hysteresis temperature element and cause motor winding damage.

5, temperature measurement of magnetic field: buried magnetic coils in the motor and temperature probe, based on rotating magnetic field and temperature change inside the motor protection, main features include overload, locked rotor, phase failure, overheating protection and wear monitoring, perfect protection function, disadvantage is required to be installed inside the motor magnetic field coils, and temperature sensors.

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