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Compact structure, easy to install
Mar 16, 2017

Compact, all without requiring expansion module, size DIN96x96 standard, open hole 90x90mm, installation depth of only 56mm. Can be installed in a small space in the switch cabinet and drawer.

Measurement instrument by using self-locking installation mechanism, without screws, easy and quick to install. You can also select split-rail (TS-35), split flat screw installation.

Displays an intuitive, easy to learn and use

Large-screen, high-definition LCD interface directly reflect the measurement instrument parameters. All measurement data can be easily read by pressing the parameter setting can be carried out by the instrument panel can also be entered by the communication port. Set in the parameters stored in non-volatile EEPROM, power will not be lost. LCD display with backlight support, to help you use in poor lighting environment.