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Intelligent power meter
Mar 16, 2017

Network intelligent power instrument is a low pressure system in the intelligent device, which combines data acquisition and control functions in one, with the electric parameter measurement and metering as a whole, provide communication interfaces and computer monitoring and control system to support RS485 MODBUS communication protocol, or multiple protocols. Large size LCD module, you can display more information in real time, with the bright backlight to make operation even under bad light conditions can accurately read the data. Mode of operation human operators can be mastered in a short time, read the data and parameter setting operations will become simple and easy. Widely used in medium and low voltage substation automation systems, industrial automation, building automation and intelligent switch cabinet systems, control systems, energy management systems, factory power management.

Features: PGX800 large screen LED display, measuring three-phase current, three-phase measuring voltage, current-current accuracy class 0.5, active power (0.5), reactive power, power, frequency, power factor, four-way switch input (DI), two switch outputs (D0) event logging with RS485 communication interface, MODBUS Protocol, baud rate can be set.