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Motor protector the basic method of selection
Mar 16, 2017

Motor protection selection there is a motor protector how to use relationship between them, the following provides several conditions, factors related to the protection, provide a reference for user selection.

1: motor: wanting to know the spec, motor functions, protection type, rated voltage, rated current and rated power, power frequency insulation class. These basic content to users on how to properly use and maintenance provides reference for and selection of protectors.

2, environmental conditions: mainly refers to the room temperature, hot and cold, corrosion, vibrations, wind, altitude, electromagnetic pollution, and so on.

3, motor uses: mainly refers to the dragging equipment features such as fans, pumps, compressors, lathes, oil pumps and other mechanical properties of different loads.

4, control: control mode: manual, automatic, local control and remote control, independently run, line control, and so on. Starting methods are direct, Buck, y, frequency sensitive rheostat, frequency converter and soft Starter starting method.

5, other aspects: users of the supervision is more casual or more cautious, non-normal downtime such as the severity of the impact on production.