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Product overview
Mar 16, 2017

Intelligent power instrument with precise power measurement, power quality monitoring and analysis, energy statistics, limit alarm, maximum recording and event recording functions. Through the I/O module to the field device status monitor, remote control and alarm outputs. Power meter provides a standard communication interface, and optionally double-network redundancy, also provide electric energy pulse output, and 4~20mA analog output capabilities. Application of measurement and control device features a modular design, user-defined value system, can be driven analog and logic alarm. Large-screen LCD display interface allows users to easily obtain power parameters. Powerful configuration functionality to users to build electric power monitoring, power quality monitoring and analysis solution providing flexible options.

Power ideal for SCADA systems

Smart power meters can be individually used as an instrument, instead of traditional analog instrument, can also be used as power monitoring and control system of the front end equipment, remote data acquisition and control. With industry-standard RS485 communication interface, making networking easy and convenient, and is ideal for SCADA systems integration.

Application of energy management system

Intelligent power meter you can count four quadrant active energy and reactive energy, maximum/minimum records together and demand statistics. With power monitoring software can assist users of the power consumption of the electrical equipment condition and load change, automatic meter reading and generating electricity report.