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Universal circuit breaker
Mar 16, 2017

Universal type circuit breaker the circuit breaker also known as framework: making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions and also specified abnormal circuit conditions making, bearing a certain time and breaking currents under a mechanical switching device

Universal circuit breaker function: circuit breaker for the stereoscopic arrangement, contact system, momentary excess current release side panels are installed on a piece of insulation panels. Upper arc system operator can be installed in front or to the right side, "Sub", "collection" instructions and manual disconnect button. Its upper-left shunt tripping device, connected back to the tripping shaft undervoltage tripping device. Velocity saturation voltage converter transformer or current set on the next bus. Undervoltage delay devices, thermal relay or semiconductor release can be mounted at the bottom. DW15-2000, 3200, 4000, 6300 circuit breaker for the three-dimensional arrangement, consisting of base, side panels, beams framework, contact systems installed per phase on the base, above the load interrupter. Operating mechanism circuit breaker, front right, connected by a spindle and the contact system. Electric operator through shaft integrated with bodies mounted on the lower part of the circuit-breaker, use as storage or direct closing of a circuit breaker, closed after storage borne by release solenoid. MOTAPM fitted with AHD rebound above the left side plate body, to prevent circuit breaker disconnect when bouncing. Overcurrent release according to the different requirements in the breakers below, under voltage, shunt release and electric control parts mounted on the left, under voltage, shunt release via release connected with the amplifier in order to reduce the tripping force of circuit breaker. 12 pairs of secondary circuit with auxiliary contact for users to join, has displayed on the panel circuit breaker location signage "1", "0" and "storage" indicate, there are buttons for closing and opening "1" and "0" (pressed). DW15-1000, 1600 breaker with front manual handle DW15-2500, 4000 with a repair manual handle (can be removed).

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