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Use environment
Mar 16, 2017

1. ambient air temperature does not exceed + 40 ℃, the lower limit is not lower than-5 c, and 24h average no more than + 35 degrees centigrade.

2. installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m.

3. relative humidity when the ambient air temperature + 40 ° c does not exceed 50%; at lower temperatures can be high relative humidity of most wet month of average monthly maximum relative humidity of 90%, while the month's average monthly minimum temperature of + 25 ℃, and takes into account temperature changes occur in the product on the surface of the gel.

4. pollution grade: grade 3

5. installation: can be installed vertically, horizontally

6. install categories: circuit breaker main circuit undervoltage and breath is tender, power transformer primary coil installation category IV and the rest auxiliary circuit, control circuit installation category III class.