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1P Circuit Breaker And 2P Circuit Breaker
Aug 03, 2017

  1P circuit breaker and 2P circuit breaker

  Whether it is leakage circuit breakers or ordinary open, there are 1P and 2P points, and the same classification principle.

  1P circuit breaker, in the open, can only disconnect a line - FireWire. In other words, when the circuit breaker is disconnected, the zero line is still on. At this point if the failure, resulting in zero line charged, or will damage the maintenance staff. Wiring, it is only the fuse connected to the circuit breaker.

  1P leakage circuit breakers, although the wiring will be the same line and the line of fire at the same time on the circuit breaker, but here is only the zero line leakage detection. When the circuit breaker is disconnected, it is still impossible to disconnect the neutral line.

  2P circuit breaker and 1P circuit breaker is the biggest difference is to be able to disconnect the zero line. Therefore, the above mentioned, 2P circuit breaker zero line, FireWire terminals can be interchangeable. Because the opening and closing of the two is carried out at the same time.

  And if the 1P circuit breaker zero fire line swap, it will lead to disconnect the circuit breaker, the zero line is broken, and the fire line is not broken. As a result, there will be voltage in the circuit.