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Circuit Breakers Can Be Used To Distribute Power
Jun 12, 2017

  Circuit breakers can be used to distribute power, not frequently start the asynchronous motor, the power lines and motors and other protection, when they have a serious overload or short circuit and undervoltage failure can automatically cut off the circuit, its function is equivalent to the fuse switch And a combination of overheat relays and the like. And generally do not need to change the parts after breaking the fault current. At present, has been widely used.

  Working principle of air circuit breaker

  Air switch is the circuit breaker, in the circuit for the connection, breaking and carrying rated operating current, and in the line and the motor overload, short circuit, under pressure conditions for reliable protection. The dynamic and static contact of the circuit breaker and the design of the rod are parallel, and the electric repulsion caused by the short circuit is used to disconnect the dynamic and static contact, the breaking capacity is high and the current limiting characteristic is strong. Short circuit, the static contact around the aromatic insulator gasification, from the role of cooling and arc, arc distance is zero.

  The interrupter of the circuit breaker has a metal grating structure, and the contact system has a repulsive force limiting mechanism. Therefore, the circuit breaker has a high breaking capacity and a current limiting ability. Anti-time limit action when the bimetallic hot bending to release the action, the momentary action when the iron core wall mechanism to drive the release action. Tripping method has three kinds of thermal, electromagnetic and double tripping.

  Air switch is more sophisticated, the principle is very simple, it is in the line and the line between the string of 10 10 laps of the inductor, the current is enough to pull the mechanical lever to pull action protection. More safe and no insurance, is a good recommendation.

  Automatic air switch, also known as low-voltage circuit breaker, by the operating mechanism, contacts, protection devices (various releases), arc system and other components. Can be used to connect and disconnect the load circuit, can also be used to control the motor is not frequent start. It is equivalent to the knife switch, over current relay, loss of pressure relays, thermal relays and leakage protection devices and other electrical parts of the sum of all the functions of low-voltage distribution network is an important protection of electrical appliances. Automatic air switch with a variety of protection functions (overload, short circuit, under voltage protection, etc.), adjustable action value, breaking capacity, easy operation, security and other advantages, it is currently widely used.