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Ammeter Correct Use Of The Method
Sep 11, 2017

Electric meter is the short name of the energy meter, also known as the meter, fire table, energy meter, kilowatt-hour table, is a measure of power for the instrument. The most commonly used is the kilowatt hour meter. In the application of retail power, power supply companies use these meters to issue electricity bills. The meter can also record other information when using electricity, such as time.

installation method

Single-phase meter is only a fire line and a zero line, that is, household electricity meter, four interfaces. Connection: from left to right, the left of the access to the line of fire, over an interface to come out of the line of fire, and then access to the zero line; the last one, that is, the right side of the pick up the zero line ... ...

Meter reading

Meter, meter, is used to measure the power of the instrument, also known as the meter, fire table, energy meter, kilowatt hour table, refers to the measurement of various electrical quantities of the instrument. For the meter, we may feel familiar and unfamiliar it, everyone's home has at least one meter. Many people only know that the meter is used to measure the number of electricity meters, do not know how to watch the meter, so in our real life, often see some people for several times, that is, a few dollars, and copy Table of electrical workers in conflict, or even refused to pay electricity. Here to tell you how to see how smart meters, how to watch the meter there are four ways:

The first type: the general straight-type single-phase meter and three-phase meter can be directly read the number minus the previous readings for this stage of the power of straight into the meter into the line thick, careful observation did not pass Transformer connection.

The second: three-phase meter connected by the current transformer connected to the three-phase meter, the meter wiring has 10 wiring, to observe the current transformer connected to the current ratio, current transformer brand name, are a number Than 5 marked, such as 100/5150/5, etc., the meter read the number multiplied by the current ratio is the amount of electricity measurement, but also with the loss of damage and line loss.

The third: how to watch the meter?

Single-phase meter measuring the power of three-phase electricity, power reading method is straight to the way to connect the meter to read the number on the meter multiplied by 3, if the transformer connected to the meter to read the meter multiplied by the transformer current Multiplied by 3.

The fourth: smart meter only a LCD screen, if it is a single phase which will directly show the total amount of electricity and the remaining power, direct reading can be. If it is IC card meter, only the LED display is a single graphics card table. That meter will have a small red dot on the top, the red point to jump to the total where there is always used to jump to the remaining there is the remaining. Dual-card table, read above or below can be. Three-phase prepaid meter straight-line direct reading, mutual-purpose table readings multiplied by the transformer magnification.

Finally, to tell you is that stealing electricity leakage is illegal, there is no moral performance, to remind the vast number of consumers, especially those who like small and cheap, in daily electricity, should pay electricity on time, do not steal electricity leakage, See the act of stealing electricity leakage, to report in a timely manner, to do a good law of good people.