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Choice Of Disconnecting Switch
Mar 16, 2017

Isolation switch configuration in main wiring Shang, guarantee has line and the equipment maintenance Shi formed obviously of fracture and charged part isolation, due to isolation switch no out arc device and the open broken capacity low, so operation isolation switch Shi, must comply with pour gate operation order, that transmission Shi, first collection Shang bus side isolation switch, second collection Shang line side isolation switch, last collection Shang circuit breaker device, blackout is Yu above instead.

Isolating switch configuration

1, circuit breakers should be configured on both sides of isolating switch, so that when the circuit breaker maintenance develop fracture of isolated from the power supply.

2, General transformer neutral point earthing shall be by isolating switch grounding.

On bus 3, arrester and transformer should share a set of isolating switch, ensure the maintenance of electrical and bus security, each 1-2 group should be installed on the Busbar earthing switch.

4, attached to the transformer lead wire or neutral point arrester is not installed isolating switch.

5, when the feeder lines when there is no power on the user side, that side of the circuit breaker to the user can not installed isolating switch. But in order to prevent lightning overvoltage, it can also be installed.