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Energy Management System More And More Attention
Oct 17, 2017

China's energy management from the mid-80s of last century, through the "energy balance test", "energy audit", urging the use of units from the standard installation of measuring instruments, to gradually eliminate high-energy backward equipment, energy-saving transformation of major equipment , With energy-saving system to optimize the transformation. So far, a full, comprehensive, and comprehensive management of energy conservation work has become more and more attention, so at any time to reflect the use of energy use units of the technical support platform - energy management system popular.

The real sense of the energy management system should be: as long as the unit can be used in accordance with the requirements of GB17167 set up energy measurement equipment, you can guide users to establish their own energy management system, energy management and production management integration, according to GB23331 Regulations, through the standard way to find the shortcomings of the use of energy, issued rectification instructions, so that users continue to improve and improve the level of energy consumption, to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

"CEMS" is a set of energy management Alibaba. As long as the unit can be downloaded from the Energy China website CEMS client, you can follow the prompts step by step operation to complete their own energy management system set up. The user's own energy management system modeling process "fool", "image" of "self-help", and truly realize the energy management personnel do not understand the computer technology, but also for their own energy management system to build.

At the same time, users can also according to demand or "CEMS" understanding of the deepening, continuous improvement or optimization of their own energy management system to make it more realistic, more refined, more convenient to use.

"CEMS" allows users to keep abreast of energy consumption per unit of product, through its trends, to understand which sector (or which department's performance), so that the relevant departments of disciplinary (or reward); Similarly, the department can The use of energy trends change, find the relevant responsible person, in order to achieve in the production management process, and constantly improve the level of energy consumption, and continuously reduce the energy consumption purposes.

"CEMS" as a public service platform:

① summed up more than 30 years of experience in energy management, taking into account the use of almost all units of energy needs, powerful;

② the use of low prices, all units can be easy to use energy;

③ with a normative, energy units can be set up their own "CEMS", under its guidance in the specification of the required set of measuring instruments, so that each measuring instruments have played its due role;

④ the index system is reasonable and practical, according to "CEMS" requirements of the establishment of energy management indicators, for the regulation of energy is simple and operable;

⑤ According to the user reflects the common problems, and constantly improve and enhance its related performance.

"CEMS" to consider the user's use of security, not only the outside world can not get the user's energy information, the user's own relevant personnel and departments, can only understand the energy data they should understand, can not get outside the scope of their duties data information.