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Energy Management SystemImprove Labor Productivity
Aug 21, 2017

In the automation technology and information technology based on the establishment of energy management system to objective data as the basis, is metallurgical, chemical, thermal, power plants and other energy consumption enterprises, the implementation of energy saving the most fundamental way. Promote the application of advanced energy management system concept.

Change the traditional energy without scientific basis for the production management, is the modernization of large, medium and small enterprises advanced effective management measures, is becoming the major companies at all levels of managers consensus.

The basic purpose of the establishment of the energy management center system is to improve the energy system operation and management efficiency, while finding the best process data for the production process energy consumption, to provide a mature, effective and easy-to-use energy system for the overall control solution Program; a set of advanced, reliable, safe energy system operation, operation and management platform, can achieve security and stability, economic balance, quality environmental protection, supervision.

The construction of energy management system can improve the energy information collection, storage, management and use of a sound energy information collection system to facilitate first-hand operation of the process data, real-time control system operation, timely scheduling measures to make the system as much as possible in the Best condition, and minimize the impact of the accident.

In the enterprise energy management department under the guidance of the energy system using decentralized control and centralized management. According to the characteristics of decentralization and energy management of energy technology system, the establishment of energy management system can meet the characteristics of decentralized control and centralized management of energy technology system, so that the enterprise's energy management level to adapt to the strategic development needs of enterprises.

Reduce the energy management links, optimize the energy management process, build an objective energy consumption evaluation system Energy management system construction, can be achieved in the information analysis based on energy monitoring and energy management process optimization and reconstruction, to achieve energy equipment management, operation and management, effective implementation Objective data-based energy consumption evaluation system, efficiency assessment, reduce the cost of energy management, improve the efficiency of energy management, to understand the real energy consumption and put forward the energy saving technology and management measures to the energy management to benefit.

Reduce energy system operation and management costs, improve labor productivity. Large enterprises of the energy system is large, complex structure. The traditional on-site management, running on duty and maintenance and management of the workload, high cost. The construction of energy center will play an important role in the reform of enterprise management system. Small and medium-sized enterprises, although slightly less measurement points, energy management will be more intuitive and effective. The ultimate goal of the system can achieve remote meter reading unified monitoring, simplify energy operation and management, reduce daily management of human input, save human resources costs, improve labor productivity

Speed up the energy system failure and abnormal treatment, improve the ability of enterprises to respond to energy accidents.

Energy dispatching system can quickly understand the operation status of the system from the global point of view, find the point of failure in order to take timely measures to reduce the loss. This is particularly effective in the case of energy management systems.

Optimize energy dispatch and balance the command system, save energy and improve the environment. The completion of the energy management system will improve the energy balance by means of optimizing the way and methods of energy management, real-time understanding of the energy demand and consumption of enterprises, so that the rational use of energy to a new level.

In order to further exploit, analyze, process and process energy data, the conditional data is wealth, and the data can be information that will provide realistic possibilities for high-end energy management.

From the above can be seen, the construction of energy management system to improve the level of energy system operation and management, reduce energy consumption, energy saving, improve energy supply quality, strengthen and improve the energy assessment and evaluation system, improve labor productivity, improve environmental quality, So as to improve the market competitiveness of enterprise products, have a good effect and effect.