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Fault Performance Of Low-voltage Switch For Pure Water Machine Parts
Oct 11, 2017

Fault performance of low-voltage switch for pure water machine parts

Low voltage switch. The main fault is the low-voltage switch failure, the specific performance is: Large water pressure, the machine does not work, water pressure is small (or close into the ball valve switch), the machine does not stop. How to judge the water pressure? Open tap water faucet, open to the maximum, with the thumb to block, see whether can be blocked, can't block the water pressure is large, the water pressure is small. The pressure is high, and the machine does not work, it is possible that the low-voltage switch fails. Of course, the low voltage switch failure is only one of the failures that affect the machine not working.

After the low voltage switch fails, a new or confirmed low voltage switch will be replaced to verify the results. After the replacement, trouble shooting, explain the accuracy;

Low-voltage switch position after the filter, affect the low-voltage switch failure, there is an important factor is the blockage of the filter. The filter plug causes the pressure of the filter to decrease greatly, resulting in the illusion of low voltage switch failure.

Detection of low voltage switch failure of the method also has one, is to unplug the low-voltage switch two wires directly connected to the machine after the operation, and at this time the water pressure is not small, it shows that the low-voltage switch really failed.