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Mar 16, 2017

1. used for isolated power supply, disconnect the high voltage maintenance equipment from charged device, there is a clearly visible disconnect.

2. the isolating switch and breaker coordination, according to the operation mode of switching operation is needed to change the system wiring.

3. low current circuit to connect or disconnected.

General in circuit breaker device before and after two surface the installation a group isolation switch, purpose are is to will circuit breaker device and power isolation, formed obviously disconnect points; because original of circuit breaker device used of is oil circuit breaker device, oil circuit breaker device need often maintenance, so II side will has obviously disconnect points, to conducive to maintenance; General situation Xia, outlet Cabinet is from above bus through switch cabinet down power, in circuit breaker device front need a group isolation switch is to and power isolation, but sometimes, circuit breaker device of behind also has calls of may, as through other loop of anti-sent, Capacitors and the like against sending, so behind the breakers requires a set of isolating switch.

Isolating switch is mainly used for high voltage distribution device needs power cut in some live reliable isolation in order to ensure the safety of maintenance. Isolation switch of touch head all open in air in the, has obviously of disconnect points, isolation switch no out arc device, so cannot used to cut load current or short-circuit current, or in high pressure role Xia, disconnect points produced strongly arc, and hard itself out, even may caused fly arc (relative to or-and-short-circuit), burn loss equipment, endanger personal security, this is so-called "with load pulled isolation switch" of serious accidents. Switch can also be used for certain circuit switching, to change the system of operation. For example: in the double bus circuit, you can use the switch to switch the running circuit from a bus to another bus. Meanwhile, can also be used to operate some low current circuit.