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High Voltage Vacuum Breaker Life Tips
Jun 26, 2017

  High Voltage vacuum breaker life Tips

  High-voltage vacuum circuit breaker life small common sense, high voltage vacuum circuit breaker's structural characteristics Introduction, I believe everyone should be very curious about it! The following is for everyone to raise knowledge.

  High Voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a high voltage electrical equipment specially used for connecting and disconnecting the load current. When the tripping device is fitted, it can also automatically trip under the overload condition. But it only has simple fire extinguishing device, so can not cut off short-circuit current. In most cases, the load switch is in series with the High-voltage fuse, and the short-circuit current is cut off by the fuse. Divided into indoor and outdoor type. such as indoor pressure gas type high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker shape and the isolation switch is very similar. What is the difference between a high-voltage vacuum breaker with an arc extinguishing device and an isolating switch?

  The isolating switch is a kind of switch device without arc extinguishing device, which is mainly used to disconnect the circuit without load current, isolate the power supply, and have obvious disconnect point in the state of the gate to ensure the safety of other electrical equipment. It can reliably pass the normal load current and short-circuit fault current in the closing state.

  Because it does not have a special arc extinguishing device, can not cut off the load current and short-circuit current. Therefore, the isolation switch can only be operated when the circuit breaker has been disconnected, and it is strictly prohibited to carry the load operation, so as to avoid serious equipment and personal accidents. Only the voltage transformer, arrester, excitation current does not exceed 2A no-load transformer, the current does not exceed 5A no-load line, can use the isolating switch to carry on the direct operation.

  The load switch is a kind of switch apparatus between the circuit breaker and the isolating switch, has a simple arc extinguishing device, can cut off the rated load current and certain overload current, but cannot cut off the short-circuit current.

  How to choose the size of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker?

  The choice of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the same as that of circuit breaker, which must meet five conditions of rated voltage, rated current, open power flow, limit current and thermal stability.