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How Does The Wire And Circuit Breaker Match?
Oct 26, 2017

Kitchen electric appliances, if there is electric oven, induction cooker, microwave oven, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, rice cooker, electric cooker, range hood, pumping fan are open, 4 square line estimated a bit hard? With the 32A circuit breaker will not let the line burn.

To buy a 4 square line to do the socket and 1.5 square to do the whole house lighting (all with LED, a total of nine bulbs + five lamp), a 63A circuit breaker to do the main switch, two 32A leakage and a 16A circuit breaker Do sub-switch

The size of the circuit breaker is connected with the wire diameter, 6 square with 40A, 4 square with 32A, 2.5 square with 25A, from your first form can see the capacity of the circuit breaker slightly Less than the line current flow, for example, the total line is 6 square you can only use 40A circuit breaker, 10 square with 63A. Electricity, such as the concentration of places such as the best kitchen upstairs, "strict fit," said, add a few more circuits, so as to ensure the safety of electricity, and all the socket must be added PE line, or electricity to leakage.

According to how you empty and how to allocate the leakage to set how much, if you are in accordance with the building so that the largest insurance to buy, open the size of the line according to the line to buy.

Circuit breaker is also called air switch, it is an arc device called empty open, it is a switch function, but also to automatically protect the low-voltage distribution of electrical appliances, its role is equivalent to knife switches, fuses, thermal relays and other electrical components combination. Leakage circuit breaker is also called residual current action.

Circuit breaker is mainly used for short circuit and overload protection, generally divided into 1p, 1p plus n, 2P, 3p, 4p. 1p is only one line of fire into the empty line. 1p plus n is the line of fire and zero line at the same time into the open. 2P is the line of fire and zero line at the same time into the open, both are normally open when the trip at the same time off. 3p or 4p, etc., the working principle is simply a word, any electrical appliances in the studio will be hot, and the degree of fever and power is proportional to.

Leakage circuit breaker is also called residual current action, protector referred to as RCD, can be divided into the following three:

Without overload short circuit protection, only leakage protection RCD is also known as leakage switch.

RCD with overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection is also known as a leakage circuit breaker.

There is no overload short circuit protection function, nor directly split circuit, only the role of leakage alarm RCD, also known as leakage relay, is generally used for non-power important places, the principle is the use of RCD zero sequence current transformer to detect, To capture leakage current, contact and other ground fault current, and to release the power off the release device, according to its breaking reaction time can be divided into high sensitivity, medium sensitivity and low sensitivity.