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How Should Consumers Choose Small Circuit Breakers?
Aug 15, 2017

  How should consumers choose small circuit breakers?

  In the face of more and more small circuit breakers in the market, how consumers should choose small circuit breakers becomes an important problem. The small circuit breaker mainly plays the role of overload and short-circuit protection of electrical equipment, its safety requirements are high, its quality is directly related to the safety of household electricity.

  The vast number of consumers in the purchase of small circuit breaker goods should pay attention to the following points:

  1, the purchase of small circuit breakers should be to the regular shops or shopping malls, when the purchase should be seen on the product packaging factory name, site, whether the product specification model, such as dz47-63 C20 230/400v~ and other indicators, and ask for relevant vouchers or invoices.

  2, when purchasing, can ask the dealer to provide product quality inspection report or 3C certification.

  3, in the decoration of the house, the contractor to buy goods, to check, to ensure the use of security, when necessary, can be online inquiries or testing.

  4, the use of the discovery of bad contact or often off, should be immediately checked, troubleshooting, in order to avoid accidents.

  5, the use of small circuit breaker should be compatible with the electrical appliances used, the large-capacity electrical appliances should be selected for special circuit breakers.

  So how do we differentiate between small circuit breakers?

  First, look at the appearance of the product, the appearance should be exquisite (exposed plastic parts without cracks, chromatic aberration, bubble scratches, flying edge, etc.);

  Second, we smell the smell of the shell is very pungent, then the small circuit breaker in hand to shake the sound or weigh its weight, and then see whether the internal coil is a copper wire, the more the number of rings, as well as double gold arc extinguishing hood;