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Introduction To Voltmeter Classification
Jul 07, 2017

  Introduction to voltmeter classification

  The voltmeter is used to measure the DC voltage, AC voltage of the mechanical indicator meter. Divided into DC voltmeter and AC voltmeter.

  DC voltmeter

  The main use of magnetoelectric meters and electrostatic meters of the measuring body. Magnetic voltmeter by the small range of magnetoelectric ammeter and series resistor (also known as voltage divider) composition, the minimum range of ten millivolts. In order to expand the voltmeter range, you can increase the resistance of the voltage divider. For example, with a 50-volt ammeter to form a 250 volt voltmeter, make the total resistance of the voltage divider and measuring mechanism 250 / [50 × 10 ^ (- 6)] = 5 × 10 ^ 6 Europe = 5 trillion Europe, which is equivalent to the voltage meter internal resistance of 20 kΩ / volt. In order to avoid excessive access to the voltmeter affect the original working condition, the voltage meter has a higher internal resistance. With several resistors composed of voltage divider and measuring mechanism in series, can form a multi-range voltmeter. The minimum range of the static voltage meter is tens of volts, and the extended range is achieved by changing the internal structure of the meter and the distance between the poles. In addition, the electromagnet meter measuring mechanism can theoretically be used to measure the DC voltage.

  AC voltmeter

  Mainly used rectifier meter, electromagnetic meter, electric meter and electrostatic meter meter measurement mechanism. In addition to static voltage meter, the other voltage meter is a small range ammeter and voltage divider in series. It is also possible to form a multi-range voltmeter in series with a voltage divider consisting of several resistors in series with the measuring mechanism. These systems are difficult to make low-range AC voltmeter, the minimum range between a few volts to several tens of volts, while the highest range is about 1 to 2 kV. Electrostatic voltmeter minimum range of about 30 volts, while the highest range is up to high. The high voltage voltmeter used in the power system is composed of a voltage transformer with a voltage rating of 100 volts and a voltage transformer with an appropriate voltage ratio. Due to the limitation of the coil inductance of the measuring mechanism, the frequency range of the electromagnetic voltmeter and the electric voltmeter is narrow, and the upper limit frequency is less than 1 ~ 2 kHz. The electric system is slightly better than the electromagnetic system. Electrostatic and thermoelectric voltmeter use frequency range is wide. Rectifier voltmeter upper limit frequency of about several kilohertz, but note that only when the AC voltage is sinusoidal waveform, rectifier meter reading is correct.