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Isolating Switches
Mar 16, 2017

A switching device is mainly used for "isolated power supply, switching, low current circuit for connectivity and cutting" free arc function.

Isolating switches (switch), that is, in the position, contact that complies with the requirements of insulation distances and obvious disconnect sign locations, can carry under normal conditions of loop current and exception conditions in the time allotted (such as a short circuit) under current switching devices. (IEV441-14-05)

Isolation switch (commonly known as "knife gate"), General refers to of is high pressure isolation switch, that rated voltage in 1kV above of isolation switch, usually referred to for isolation switch, is high pressure switch electrical in the using up of a electrical, it itself of work principle and the structure compared simple, but due to using volume big, work reliability requirements high, on substation, and power plant of design, and established and security run of effect are larger. Main characteristics of isolator is no arc, only in case of no load current, circuit. Isolating switch for voltage at all levels, as changing the electrical connection or power lines or equipment is separated, it did not stop-only with other devices line is dropped before the operation. Typically prevent switch misoperation interlocking device with load, sometimes need a PIN to prevent the magnetic disconnect switch under the action of the fault.

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