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Low-voltage Isolate Switch
Mar 16, 2017

Low-voltage isolated electric

Knife switch uses and classification

Maintenance of electrical equipment, you need to cut off the power supply, maintenance parts and live out and maintain effective isolation distance, requirements-in between breaks can withstand voltage of the voltage level. Knife switch as isolated power supply switching equipment. Isolated power knife switches also known as isolating switch. Isolation switch with a knife is no load/off appliances, making or breaking only "negligible currents" (of a band bus, short cable capacitance current of electric current or voltage transformer). Knife switches also have a certain degree of breaking capacity, its breaking capacity when needed to fit the current pass, under non-fault conditions, can be connected to or broken electrical equipment or parts of equipment. The knife switch used for isolated power supply must meet the quarantine feature, namely switch break clear, fracture and distances qualified. Knife switches and fuses in series into a single unit, called a knife switch fuse; knife switch movable parts (contacts) with links contain melt composition, called fuse knife switch. Increased knife switch fuse box and install the auxiliary components such as operating levers, springs and Arc tool can be combined into load switch. Load switch with under non-fault conditions, making or breaking capacity of load current and short circuit protection.