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Low Voltage Switch In Different Areas Have Different Meanings
Nov 01, 2017

Low voltage switch classification

In different areas, low voltage switches differ in meaning. There are roughly low-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switch, low-voltage switchgear for power equipment.

Low voltage switch

Low-voltage switch is when the car to the car power supply voltage is less than the number of car power will automatically shut down. Is a commonly used electrical components, car power supply of this feature is a protective function to protect the car's power supply equipment is not damaged, give priority to ensure that the car itself is normal, such as to ensure that the car can be normal ignition.

Power field high and low pressure division

36V is safe voltage, but can not be used as a high and low pressure division standard. There are two ways to divide high and low:

1, according to the rated voltage division: rated voltage of 1000V and below known as low pressure; rated voltage above 1000V called high pressure.

2, according to the device to ground voltage division: equipment to ground voltage of 250V and below are low pressure; equipment to ground voltage above 250V for high pressure.

And usually we call the low-voltage electrical appliances, that is, rated voltage below 1000V are low-voltage electrical appliances, rated voltage greater than 1kV for the high-voltage electrical appliances.

Pressure control low voltage switch

Is based on the entire system of water pressure is too small or no water when the control system to disconnect the entire circuit to protect the pump life, to prevent the system pump idle electrical components.

Adaptation field

Automobile industry, water purifier industry, power industry.