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Main Disconnecting Switch
Mar 16, 2017

(1) after opening, establish a reliable insulation gaps will need to repair equipment or line separated by a clear disconnect with the power supply, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

(2) according to the needs and changing lines.

(3) the small current that can be used to points, lines, such as short sleeve, straps, connectors, cable charging current switching capacitance of capacitor current, double bus circulation when changing the excitation current and voltage transformers and so on.

(4) according to the specific circumstances of different types of structures that can be used, a volume of transformer no-load excitation current.

High voltage isolate switch according to the different installation methods, can be divided into indoor and outdoor high voltage isolator switch high voltage isolate switch. Outdoor high voltage isolator switch that can withstand wind, rain, snow, dirt, condensation, ice and heavy frost effect, suitable for high voltage isolate switch installed on the terrace. By insulated pillar structure can be divided into single column type isolating switch (single-column disconnector), double column type isolating switch (double-column disconnector), three-column type isolating switch (three-column disconnector). Single column type isolating switch in overhead bus vertically directly below the electrical insulation of the space is used as a fracture and, therefore, has obvious advantage is to save floor space, reduce the connection wires, while closing the special clear. In the case of high-voltage transmission and substation single column type isolating switch, covers an area of effect is more significant savings.

Isolating switch in low-voltage equipment is mainly used in homes, construction and other low-voltage Terminal electrical distribution system. Main function: without the load off and close the circuit.

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