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Mar 16, 2017

1) clean the porcelain surface dust, check whether the surface of porcelain enamel, damaged, there is no sign of cracking and flashover, iron, porcelain insulators binding site is solid. If serious damage, should be replaced;

2) use gasoline to clean the oil on the blade, contacts or contact, check the contact surfaces are clean, there are no mechanical damage, oxidative and signs of overheating and distortion, deformation and other phenomena;

3) check the accessories are complete on the contact point or blade, there is no damage;

4) check the connection isolation switches and Busbar, circuit breaker wire is solid, with or without overheating;

5) check the soft parts to be joined, such as having an impairment, broken;

6) review and cleaning devices and transmission parts, and adding the right amount of grease;

7) check the transmission part of the distance from live parts to meet requirements; Locator and brakes are solid, action is correct;

8) check the base of the disconnecting switch is good, grounding is reliable.