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Must Understand The Circuit Breaker Wiring Mode
Aug 15, 2017

  Must understand the circuit breaker wiring mode

  The use of circuit breakers is becoming more common everywhere, especially for families and factories, and for those who buy circuit breakers, it is necessary to know some common sense about the circuit breaker, because when we meet some small problems we can solve it ourselves, it is necessary for us to know the wiring mode of the circuit breaker, because the wiring is a very homely thing.

  Circuit breaker wiring is a lot of ways, but the main is the plate front, after the board, insert, drawer type of four ways. Board this way is the highest rate of use, because this method is relatively convenient, is exposed to the outside, when the need to disassemble is very simple, in peacetime work of the user can also be seen, so most users will use the board before this wiring mode, convenient and fast, save money and effort.

  After the board this wiring is also very easy to accept a kind of, it has a very big characteristic is, if the user needs to replace the circuit breaker, or the circuit breaker when the problem occurs, do not need to reconnect, just to change the original on the basis of the circuit breaker can be, its fixed is also relatively strong, compared with the board before the wiring to a point, if the user needs the board after wiring, manufacturers will provide a variety of tools.

  Plug-in wiring for household circuit breakers, the selectivity is relatively small, because it is more cumbersome, and there is no need for this, factory will generally adopt this way, easy to control the operation of the circuit breaker, sometimes need to switch off the circuit breaker, then choose the plug-in will be more convenient, it needs to install a socket in the location, and then through the socket installation wiring facilities, construction will be more trouble.

  The drawer type circuit breaker wiring way generally uses the person also is the factory, because its construction is also relatively troublesome, its main feature is by the rocker clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, in the main loop and two times loop all adopt the plug-in structure, this wiring method is very safe, just very troublesome.