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Order Of Operations
Mar 16, 2017

Isolating switches correctly the order of operations

(1) when first isolating switch, you should check the corresponding circuit breaker in the disconnected position to prevent pulling, closing the isolating switch with load.

(2) when the line stops, power transmission, and must be pulled in order, closing the isolating switch. Power operation, you must first pull the circuit breaker, pull the line side isolator, to pull the bus-side isolation switch. Transmission sequence of operation and power outages in reverse order. This is because when a mistake occurs, in the above order narrowing the scope of the accident to avoid man-made accidents extends to bus.

(3) operation, if insulators are found seriously damaged, isolating switch rods, such as severe damage to serious defects shall not carry out operations.

(4) the isolator operations, should have personnel on duty at the scene by checking their opening and closing position, depth of information, contacts and other items in the same period to ensure isolation switch correctly, correct position.

(5) isolating switch shall normally be in the main control room to operate. At the breakdown when the remote control operation can be manual or electric operation in place at the scene, but it must be with the consent of the webmaster or technical owner of the license, and take place under his supervision.

(6) disconnectors, earthing switch and circuit breakers installed between to prevent wrong operation of electric and electromagnetic locking devices and institutions. When switching operation must be sequential. If lock device failure or isolating switch and earthing switch in normal operation, must strictly follow the latching requirements to check for proper circuit breaker, switch position status only after the check, to unlock the lock to operate.

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