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Similarities And Differences Between Circuit Breaker And Ordinary Switch
Jul 20, 2017

  Similarities and Differences between Circuit Breaker and Ordinary Switch

  The main difference between the disconnector and the molded case circuit breaker is that it is somewhat different in function. The disconnector is a circuit breaker that acts as a segregation. It can not carry the load operation because there is no power to arc, that is, the following equipment is running It can not take the electric pull disconnector to stop the device, have to stop the device, and then pull the isolation switch, maintenance time to add a breakpoint, for maintenance personnel more secure. It is usually used in conjunction with other protective components. The load switch has a protective function and a load operation function with respect to the disconnector because the fuse group is added, but the protection characteristics are relatively simple and inexpensive. Circuit breaker is now more common, but its function is still off, protection and other effects, but the manufacturing principle is more reliable, more features, can play three, four characteristics of protection, overload, overcurrent, quick break and other protection features, But the price is more expensive.

  When to use isolation switch, load switch, the circuit breaker is basically based on the specific circumstances of the specific analysis, mainly used before the isolation switch box load switch, and now the main use of circuit breakers, like the home before the fuse box are now fuses, are now changed into small Open the same.

  Disconnector: In order to use the time to repair, add a clear breakpoint.

  Load switch: simple circuit when used, a small transformer before use.

  Circuit breakers: Most of the occasions can be used.