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Switching ComponentsElectrical Equipment
Aug 21, 2017

The words of the switch are interpreted as open and closed. It also refers to an electronic component that can open the circuit, break the current or make it flow to other circuits. The most common switch is to operate the electromechanical device, which has one or several electronic contacts. The "closed" of the contact indicates that the electronic contact is conducting, allowing the current to flow; the "open" of the switch indicates that the electronic contact is not conducting to open and does not allow current to flow.

In accordance with the use of classification: wave switch, band switch, recording switch, power switch, preselection switch, limit switch, control switch, switch, disconnector, limit switch, wall switch, intelligent fire switch.

According to the structure classification: micro switch, boat switch, button switch, toggle switch, button switch, button switch, as well as fashion trend of the membrane switch, point switch.

Classification according to contact type: switch according to contact type can be divided into a type of contact, b-type contacts and c-type contacts three. The contact type refers to the relationship between the operating condition and the contact state after the "operation (pressing) switch, the contact is closed". Need to select the appropriate type of contact according to the use of the switch.

In accordance with the number of switches: single control switch, dual control switch, multi-control switch, dimmer switch, speed switch, splash box, doorbell switch, sensor switch, touch switch, remote control switch, smart switch, Yuba special switch.

The simplest switch has two metal called "contact", two contacts contact the current to form a loop, two contacts do not touch the current open circuit. The use of contact metal to consider the extent of its resistance to corrosion, because most of the metal oxide will form an insulating oxide, so that contacts can not work properly. Selection of contact metal also need to consider its conductivity, hardness, mechanical strength, cost and whether the toxic and other factors. Sometimes the corrosion resistance metal is plated on the contacts. Generally will be plated in the contact surface, in order to avoid the impact of oxide due to its performance. Sometimes the contact surface will also use non-metallic conductive materials, such as conductive plastic. In addition to the contact in addition to the contacts, there will be moving parts to make contact or non-conductive, the switch can be divided according to the different parts for the lever switch (Toggle switch), key switches, The pieces may also be of other types of mechanical links.