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The Daily Maintenance And Operation Of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
Sep 27, 2017

  The daily maintenance and operation of low voltage circuit breakers

  First, the use of electricity before the inspection

  Check the transport circuit breaker box, should not have shredded paper or dust attached to the circuit breaker; check the wire connection status; check the pressure performance and some other basic situation to ensure that no problem.

  Second, regular inspection

  Low-voltage circuit breaker according to the use of the environment and working conditions, it is necessary to carry out periodic periodic inspection, pay attention to dust, cleaning work.

  Third, low-voltage circuit breaker internal inspection should pay attention to matters

  When you need to open the cover to check the circuit breaker mechanism and contact system, because the circuit breaker inside the insulation partition, the arc chamber and other objects easy to fall, so open the lid check, you must carefully inventory, easy to fall parts One by one recovery, for the small shell frame level current circuit breakers, such as the common DZ47-63, DZ47-100 leakage circuit breakers and so on. (Or warning signs) between the bottom and the cover, in order not to allow the adjustment of the tripping element, so the customer should pay special attention not to move the trip element, otherwise the performance has changed, the factory is irresponsible of.

  Fourth, on the short circuit after the circuit breaker inspection and treatment methods

  When the circuit breaker in the event of a general short circuit, the breaking current is often a small trunk line of the expected short-circuit current value (that is less than the circuit breaker limit short-circuit breaking current). This is due to the short-circuit point and the power of the distance, short-circuit point of the line impedance and the rated voltage of the circuit breaker and the actual line voltage compared to a certain margin and other factors caused by differences.

  For the circuit breaker rated for short-circuit breaking capacity of the short-circuit current, after breaking, you can still use. However, if the breaking of the rated limit short-circuit current or take the cascade (back-up) to protect the kind of harsh conditions of the break, the damage to the circuit breaker is much. In the actual operation of the short-circuit current breaking, when the short-circuit current is shortened and the short-circuit fault is removed, the circuit breaker needs to be reclosed (even if the rated short-circuit current is broken), but after breaking the same short circuit current again, the circuit breaker It must be replaced.