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The Difference Between Circuit Breaker And Air Switch
Aug 03, 2017

  The difference between circuit breaker and air switch

  [Air switch] is a short circuit as long as the phenomenon, the switch will form a loop trip switch. When the line short circuit or serious overload current, the short circuit current exceeds the instantaneous tripping set current value, the electromagnetic release device to produce a large enough suction, the armature suction and impact the lever, so that the hook around the shaft seat up and lock off , The lock in the role of the reaction under the spring will be three main contact breaking, cut off the power. When the line occurs when the general overload, the overload current can not make the electromagnetic release device action, but can make the heat element to produce a certain amount of heat, so that bimetal heating up bending, pushing the lever to hook and lock off, the main touch Head off, cut off the power. Because there are many ways of insulation, there are switches for oil switches, vacuum switches and other inert gases (sulfur hexafluoride gas). Air switch is the use of air off the arc switch, so called the air switch. The use of air to extinguish the arc generated during the switch process. So called air switch.

  【Circuit breaker】: with overcurrent, short circuit automatic trip function, with degaussing arc extinguishing device, can be used to connect, cut off the high current; air switch: a circuit breaker, its arc extinguishing device exposed to the air , In the air medium environment can be completed to eliminate the arc, such electrical appliances are generally used for low-voltage circuit. 1. Voltage level difference: General air switch for the voltage level of 500V or less, and the circuit breaker can usually be applied to more than 220V voltage level.

  2. The ability to interrupt the current is different: the general circuit breaker can withstand the load and short circuit current greater.

  3. The difference between the arc medium and the way: circuit breaker arc medium and the way not only air circuit breakers, as well as vacuum circuit breakers, multi-oil circuit breakers, less oil circuit breakers, sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers and so on.

  4. The difference between ancillary equipment: generally relative to the air in terms of the circuit breaker measurement, logic and the implementation of the part of the institutions supporting the more complex equipment.