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The Difference Between Contactor And Circuit Breaker
Aug 15, 2017

  The difference between contactor and circuit breaker

  CONTACTOR is the use of coils to control the circuit, the contactor after power, often open closed, often closed open, so to control.

  1, the main circuit breaker protection is correct. Its protection at present is more commonly used in three-stage protection, both overload protection, short-circuit short delay, short circuit long delay. There are some undervoltage, overpressure and other protection functions. Depending on the brand, model. Its partial closing can be manually or electrically operated. The installation method has the fixed type, the drawer type and so on three kinds of way. According to the current size and operating voltage level can be divided into low-voltage plastic shell circuit breakers, low-voltage frame circuit breakers and high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers. According to the different deduction curve can be divided into different use occasions. And the fuse is still very different.

  2, contactor mainly for industrial control, general load to the majority of motor, of course, there are some heaters, do double power switch and other occasions to use. The On-off of the contactor is realized by controlling the coil voltage. According to the different structures of Arc interrupter, the vacuum contactor and the ordinary contactor are divided. According to different control voltage can be divided into DC contactor and AC contactor. Its main attachment is the auxiliary contact point. And it is not equipped with short circuit protection and overload protection, so it must be used with fuse and thermal relay.