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Vacuum Circuit Breaker In The Annual Overhaul
Jun 26, 2017

  The influence of the components in the High-voltage vacuum circuit breaker on the circuit breaker, the demand of the power grid to the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker It's long service life and stability, the following brings you to see what components in the High-voltage vacuum breaker will affect the stability of the use of circuit breakers.

  1. Influence of contact Stroke

  At present, the domestic production of various models of 10kv vacuum breaker interrupter, its contact with the super stroke in accordance with the rules in the 4mm around, open from 11mm or so. Vacuum circuit breaker in installation or overhaul, should be strictly in accordance with the product installation instructions in the contact stroke requirements accurately measured, adjust the lever, to prevent travel beyond,

  And the vacuum circuit breaker in the annual overhaul, should carefully review the circuit breaker's trip, the super stroke and the opening distance of the contact. In the actual operation, due to improper circuit breaker overshoot adjustment, resulting in the circuit breaker closing process caused by mechanical impact arc Chamber rupture, guide pole deformation accident.

  2. Impact of Bounce

  The contact head of vacuum circuit breaker is a planar butt-type structure, which inevitably produces different degree of rebound in the operation of the partial switch. Whether the brake rebound or closing rebound will bring harm to the operation: Bellows subjected to forced vibration may produce cracks, so that the arc chamber leakage; circuit breaker when closing

  The contact movement speed is higher, the action end time Wallop is big, causes the bounce, may produce the contact and the conductive rod distortion, even produces the crack; the vacuum vacuum circuit breaker which is suitable for the capacitor group will cause the capacitor to be damaged if the closing bounce occurs. So at present some vacuum circuit breaker manufacturers have noticed

  The damage caused by the bouncing of the vacuum circuit breaker, the so-called "no bounce" vacuum circuit breaker, by means of mechanical buffering, greatly reduces the mechanical impact of the circuit breaker in the closing of the switch.