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Voltmeter Is A Measuring Voltage Of A Device
Jul 07, 2017

  Voltmeter is a measuring voltage of a device, commonly used voltmeter - Volt table symbol: V, in the sensitive galvanometer inside a permanent magnet, in the current meter between the two terminals in series by a wire composed of coil, coil Placed in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet and connected to the table by means of the transmission. Voltmeter Most of the voltmeter is divided into two ranges. The voltage meter has three terminals, a negative terminal, two positive terminals, the positive pole of the voltmeter is connected with the positive pole of the circuit, and the negative pole is connected with the negative pole of the circuit. Voltmeter The voltmeter must be connected in parallel with the appliance under test. The voltmeter is a fairly large resistor, ideally considered to be open. Junior high school laboratory commonly used voltmeter range of 0 ~ 3V and 0 ~ 15V.

  Use the voltmeter should pay attention to the following points

  1. When measuring voltage, the voltmeter must be connected in parallel at both ends of the circuit under test

  2. "+" "-" The terminal can not be reversed

  3. Select the range correctly. The measured voltage should not exceed the voltage range of the use of a positive and negative, parallel in the circuit.