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WQ sewage pump


Pump Name:Sewage Pump 

Model Nomenclature:
80 − Discharge Dia.(mm)
QW − Submersible Sewage Pump
50 − Designed Capacity (m3/h)
10 − Designed Head (m)
3 − Horsepower (kw)

Features :

  • Double ends mechanical seal, ideal for shaft sealing of wastewater treatment.
  • Cutter/grinder can be equipped for to handle raw and unscreened sewage applications.
  • Leakage monitor equipped in the oil isolation chamber.
  • Moisture monitor equipped within the motor wiring box for pumps of horsepower 7.5 kw and over.
  • Auto-circulation cooling system designed for pumps with horsepower larger than 18.5 kw, so as to ensure smooth
  • Operation in low level liquids conditions.
  • Replaceable wear ring designed between pump casing and impeller.
  • Integrated and compact construction of the WQ pumps greatly reduced operation noise and project construction
  • Cost without the need of a pump house.Energysaving and convenient for maintenance.
  • Double railed automatic coupling mechanism, incorporated water leakage detector and overheat switch shall work
  • Together to optimize the operation .Float switch shall be applied for automatic water level control.
  • Unique impeller design shall ensure a non-clog passage of sewage containing fibers and large solids.


  • Wastewater treatment systems in high buildings, mines, industrial and municipal projects.
  • Drainage sewage relay and treatment in municipal environment protection systems.
  • Field drilling and mining.
  • Drainage in agricultural irrigation .
  • Drainage in foodstuff, pharmacy and commercial systems.
  • Drainage in flood control and water plants .
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