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QJ Deep Well Pump


Pump Name:QJ Deep Well Pump 


Based on the introduction of German technology, a new generation of products is developed based on domestic market demand and usage characteristics.

The main parts of the products are made of high quality materials (axle stainless steel, high wear-resisting technology for motor bearing), electric silicon steel sheet, electromagnetic wire, cable, etc


The series of electric pumps are widely used in the extraction of deep well groundwater, such as urban and rural tap water, industrial ore, oil field, and water supply.

Use condition:

1. PH:6.5-8.5

 Medium Temperature: less than 20C

   Solid content: less than 0.01%

   Hydrogen sulfide: less than 1.5mg/l

   Chloride content: less than 100mg/l

2.Power supply: the frequency is 50HZ, rated voltage is 380V, three-phase alternating current, 660V can be customized.

3.When the pump works, the liquid surface cannot be exposed, and the penetration depth is not greater than 70m.

4.The electric pump is vertical installation.

5.The pump shall be carried out in a range of 0.7 to 1.2 times the rated flow.

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