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Slurry Pump


Pump Name: Water treatment slag slurry pump

The flexible pump USES special impeller hooks, which can carry live fish, melon and fruit, high concentration of mud, slurry and pumping sludge, especially the magic of winding ability.It is a true non-blocking pump, which has excellent performance and has no overload. It is 50% more energy efficient than the normal pump. The pump can be widely used in sewage, food, chemical and metallurgical mines and other industries.

Product structure:
The product consists of motor parts, sealing parts and hydraulic parts.


The hydraulic performance:

1, Good non-plugging performance
2, Good condition
3,  High efficiency
4,  The power curve is flat
5,  It has a steep lift curve
6,  Good suction

Product installation:
1,  Integrated pumping station
2,  Mobile pump truck
3,  River dredging
4,  Fish, fruit and vegetable delivery
5 , Application of sewage treatment plant

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