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Ac Contactor With Manual Operation

Product Details

This type AC contactor always used in this sistiuation when the fire pump control system breaks down, you can start fire pump manually by force.

The  product is not only suitable for motor starting, stopping and contrilling with AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated voltage 380V or below,  the rated current of 400A, but also Can be used in conjunction with thermal relay products for real-time motor protection.

Conventional thermal current value: 275A

Rated current: 150/180A

Features of this AC contactor:

1, manual operation with forced closing function to meet the fire pump manual closing requirements.
2, mature mechanical structure design to ensure the stability of manual conversion.
3, a unique magnetic system design to ensure low power coi land the contact rebound small.
4, the product contact system are silver-plated, the appearance of metal parts are nickel-plated.
5, the coil winding copper enameled wire insulation level H (160 ℃).
6, easy to install accessories, safe and reliable.


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