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Fuse Combination Disconnector Switches

Product Details

Product Name: Fuse combination disconnector switches


1, the spring-loaded instantaneous can release of the acceleration mechanism to  achieve quick turn-off to ensure the switching speed (13.8m / s) and  it has nothing to do with human operation speed.

2, the contact point using T2 compressed copper and the purity of copper and silver  is 99.9%. thickness of silver is 10μm,which can improve breaking capacity.

3, multi-break contact point structure to ensure absolutely isolation from the end of the line.
4,  The product shell is made of unsaturated polyester fiberglass can reinforce molding compound (DMC), with good insulation properties,  flame retardant properties, carbonization resistance and impact  resistance.
5, the switch has obvious on-off mark to indicate the off position.
6, quadrupole products with N pole first after the break function.
7, the switch can be equipped with fuse indicator and it can  provide warning and give instructions promptly through the indicator.

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