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Fuse Isolating Switch Group

Product Details

Product Name:Fuse isolating switch group

Conventional thermal current Ith(A)63125160250400630
Rated voltage (V)400/660V
Rated insulation voltage(V) 660V
Number of poles 2,3,4,3N
Rated frequency (HZ) 50/60
Associated fuse( SIZE)NT00-63NT00-125NT00-160NT1-250NT2-400NT3-630
Associated current:

400V,AC-23B (A)63125160250400630
660V,AC-22B (A) 63100160250315425
Rated breaking capability Icn in AC23 400V (KA) 505050505050
Mechanical life (times) 1700140014001400800800
Degree of protection (operator side)IP20
Operation torque (Nm)7.57.516161630

This Series isolating switch-disconnector-fuse,QA and QP series switch-discomector (hereinafter called switch) are manly used in the distributing and motor circuit which has high short-circuit current, and acted as main switch or master switch infrequently operated by hand, it is particularly suitable in the relative high class with drawable low voltage complete equipment.